Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Configuring a new iMac 20-inch [updated]

For a customer I bought an iMac 20-inch (2.16 GHz C2D, 2GB), which I'm now configuring. On top of Mac OS X 10.4.9, iLife and iWork '06 I'm customizing the machine as follows, to suit his needs:
Some challenges I'm still facing:
  • Which version of Office 2007 should I choose? I expect only Word or Excel is occasionally needed.
  • How do I convert all current faxes from WinFax Pro 9 to the Mac?
  • How can I use VNC through the DSL modem and firewall? -- Update: this is fairly easy with an SSH tunnel.
  • (How well) does VueScan integrate with PageSender? Or how well can I make them integrate using Automator?


  1. One of the first things I do on a new Mac is download Unsanity's Clear Dock. Takes that annoying white background off the dock. Then I move the dock to the right and make it small enough to see.
    I also grab Pict2Icon. I like Drive In, by the same people that do Flip4Mac.

  2. Antonio: ClearDock sure is a nice visual enhancement, but Pict2Icon seems hardly relevant for a regular user.

    Drive In sure looks handy, although neither me nor my client watches DVDs...

    Thanks for the hints!

  3. Hi,

    Do you have a driver for the Scanjet 5470c ??

    I have the software from HP, but I can't seem to install it. Worse of all, I think what they are proposing for 15$ is the same thing I have ...

    Any help would be appreciate.



  4. Hello there.
    I'm googling for very long time to find drivers for the Scanjet 5470c in order to make my old and precious scanner to work with Mac. I'm living in Greece and the support service can't or doesn't want to help me. So if somebody has Mac driver for the Scanjet 5470c please mail me.