Monday, March 10, 2008

Apple Keynote 4 does not support soft hyphens

Currently, Apple's Keynote (v4.0.2) does not support soft hyphens. When a soft hyphen is inserted, it is treated as a normal (breaking) hyphen: even if the word is no split over 2 lines, the hyphen is still shown.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. create a new Keynote document
  2. create a text field
  3. add a long word in it
  4. move the cursos to the middle of the word
  5. go to Edit > Special characters...
  6. in the dialog that appears, enter "SOFT HYPHEN" in the search box
  7. double-click on "SOFT HYPHEN" in the list that appears
  8. click on button labeled "Insert"
  9. resize the text field so it is large enough to show the word without breaking
Expected behaviour:
  • the soft hyphen does not show
Actual behaviour:
  • the soft hyphen shows, in the middle of the word

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