Wednesday, April 28, 2010

XINS 3.0-beta1 released

Just now I tagged 3.0-beta1 of my experimental XINS fork (which is not so experimental from the perspective that it has been running in production-sites since 2007).

Source and related stuff available from GitHub:
For a complete download, get this ZIP package:
Recent changes include:
  • Ant 1.8.0 is now properly supported
  • Logdoc definitions are now validated using XSDs (Logdoc 0.3 included)
  • Default runtime config file reload interval is now 5 instead of 60 seconds.
  • Not initializing logging subsystem (Log4J) if system property "org.xins.server.logging.init" is set to "false".
  • Not setting context IDs (in Log4J terminology: NDC.push() calls) if property "org.xins.server.contextID.push" is set to false (system, bootstrap or runtime property).

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